Welcome to the Academy Application Management System

This application is used by VBCPS Students to submit Academy Applications and by Staff to manage the Academy Application process.

Non-VBCPS students will also use this application once they have requested a User ID and Password by contacting Brittany.Williams@VBSchools.com.

For detailed information on the timeline of the Academy Application process.

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For Technical Assistance:

Contact your school's Technology Support Technician.

For Application Assistance:

Contact your School Counselor.

To learn more about the application process, please visit VBSchools.com.

Students and families outside of VBCPS should contact Brittany.Williams@VBSchools.com

Note, there is no need for a Domain prefix such as "VBSCHOOLS\" or "VBSTUDENTS\" and passwords are case sensitive.
WARNING: Three incorrect attempts will cause your VBCPS network account to be locked out.
Do not share your password with anyone. The Department of Technology will NEVER ask you for your password.

This application is best completed on a laptop or desktop, versus a mobile device.

Acceptable Use Policy
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VBCPS strictly prohibits unauthorized accesss to its networks and computer systems, and will prosecute unauthorized users to the full extent of the law.